Elementary Subjects



Language is not restricted as a subject. It is multi-discipinary in nature. Through stories in History, Geography and Mathematics, language is shared with children.  The lessons are given in such a way that helps children to read & write with clarity using appropriate vocabulary, parts of speech, punctuations and spelling. Reading is done by exposing children to different genres and different authors. It teaches them the style & art of writing. 



 Maths materials are most interesting as it help children in learning even difficult concepts like decimal fractions, squaring & cubing, positive & negative numbers, and geometric concepts in a better way. After learning to work with these materials in concrete form children will be introduced to word problems to apply what they learn through materials in abstract form. 

History / Geography


 In elementary geography is given the required emphasis through more precise lessons. To name a few, the structure of Earth, physical geography, political geography, and mapping are included in the Elementary curriculum.  The social studies or humanities curriculum introduces various ideas that students can really explore depending on their interests. The origin of the universe, the formation of Earth, the fundamental needs of human beings, the history of writing, the measurement of time, early and modern humans, ancient civilizations, are all introduced and studied in detail. Books help them to connect further.  



 Students are introduced to many ideas and topics in science over the course of the Elementary years.  Some introductory topics include chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, and meteorology.  More advanced study includes the scientific method, the periodic table of elements, atomic structure, biochemistry, photosynthesis , mechanics, electricity, and human biophysics.  Topics in biology include the comparative study of vertebrates, botany, classification, microbiology, evolutionary biology, and
human biology. 

Physical Education


Cooperative games, teamwork, movement, and athletic skills are the pillars of the Physical Education program.  Each child has an opportunity to grow and excel as an individual and a member of a group through a variety of games and athletic activities during regular Physical Education classes.  

Pottery / Sewing / Painting


  Creative expression is essential in a Montessori education.  To help nurture their creativity, elementary students experiment in the Art with different techniques and mediums through direct instruction and hands-on practice.  Lower Elementary children enjoy Art History lessons during their school day.  These experiences help students appreciate each medium’s unique qualities and expose children to various artists, movements, and periods using games and critiques.

Library / Educational trips

 The Library supports the curriculum and educational programs of our Elementary students, helping them expand their knowledge base and providing meaningful lessons in the use and practices of a library.  Students learn to locate resources and conduct research to deepen their understanding on topics of their interests.

 Elementary students enjoy a variety of off-campus experiences, traveling to places like terrace-garden. Older children act as mentors and leaders for younger children and help build and strengthen a sense of community.

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